Local Cowboy Forgot to Take His TRIACTIN

Breaking News: Local cowboy, Steve Young, forgot to take his TRIACTIN which led to him buying an electric chainsaw.

“I knew Steve must have forgotten his TRIACTIN because he refused to buy anything that ran on gas. He also said he was becoming a vegetarian. I’m worried about him,” said Carter Sims, one local TRIACTIN dealer. He went on to say, “I’ve been taking TRIACTIN for years and it always makes me want to eat meat, rev up my chainsaw, and ‘roll coal’ on HWY 75 after an Oneonta football game with my American flag flapping in the wind so the whole community can see me. To see Steve like this has me really worried. The last time I saw Steve before today’s episode, he had a cranked chainsaw in one hand and a rare steak in the other hand wearing cowboy boots and Wranglers. Today, he was barefoot, eating a well done mushroom burger, and expressing regret for all the trees he’s cut down in the past.”

When we reached out to Steve for comment, he would not respond. We are told he was out trading in his diesel truck for a Prius. Keep it tuned in to Channel 34 News for this developing story out of Blount County.