DreamWork announces their upcoming movie “The Multiverse Hoppers” for next year!

DreamWorks at this year New York Comic-Con announced that they are making the comic “The Multiverse Hoppers” into a feature length movie! They released this first look of Catnime one of the main characters of the comic, as well revealing the synopsis and official release date. The synopsis is “When Catnime a white cat, Roan a white bunny and Cooper the bread dog meet their old friend Alex from college who has become a well known scientist. They end up traveling through different universes trying to get back to theirs after an accident in his laboratory.” and the date of this movie is July 2nd, 2023! Angjelos Duro & Armendi Dulli the creators of the comic are coming back to work on the movie with their statement being “We are so honored for our comic to be made into a movie by DreamWorks. I think you all are going to love this movie as we are working very carefully on it to be as best as it can!”. Are you looking forward to The Multiverse Hoppers? What are you’re thoughts on this announcement? Comment down below on this article!