You Won’t Believe What This Billionaire Father Found in His Yacht…

Jack Richy, billionaire and father of one was out on a seemingly normal Sunday morning, wanting to go out on his yacht, but when he arrived he walked in on something unspeakable.

Jack Richy is a humble man who loves to keep things minimal and very expensive. He first became known from a TikTok that his son, Jackie Richy, posted of him and his dad in his purple Lamborghini on his dad’s yacht. His son convinced him to make a Instagram account to flaunt his wealth but Jack, being the humble man he is, decided otherwise as to not make people jealous.

One lovely Sunday morning, Jack decided to go out on his yacht to bathe in the sun. But when he arrived he saw his son, Jackie, hanging out with friends filming and throwing money around, and as any humble dad would be, he was mortified.

After seeing this he said quote, “I never thought that MY son would such a thing on MY yacht, I tried to raise him to be as humble as me, but it seems I still have a ways to go,” and since then his son has been refraining from posting videos and pictures of throwing money on his dad’s yacht.