Wayv Yangyang and taiwanese model akemi reportedly dating+Sm Ent. Comment in response

Yangyang wayv maknae reportedly dating tzuyu’s sister “Chou Akemi” fans have been shipping them since they became close,they have been dating for a month now.

SM ENT. Conformed that they have been dating since october 10,2020 exact birthday of liu yangyang

An mc asked Chou tzuyu if it was fine yangyang dating her little sister and her answer is
“I’m fine of their relationship as long as yangyang won’t hurt ny sister and i trust yangyang for my sister”
What a sweet sister

Then when nct 2020 was on weekly idol mc asked if nct members knew that yangyang has been dating and their leader taeyong said “wow what? Yangyang dating” everyone is shock that yangyang never told them and yangyang close friend na jaemin is very shocked about the news

Then in weekly idol xiaojun asked yangyang that why did he fall inlove with akemi yangyang’s answer is unexpected
“Well we’ve been friends for over a year now,when I first saw her i saw how sassy is she but I’ve seen her good side too she’s just like my ideal type”

And 1 week later after nct attended weekly idol akemi started a live in instagram czennies are in a good mood while other czennies are bashing her and a comment said “Don’t mind the hate comments you and yangyang are a cute coupleee” then akemi smiled and said “i don’t mind haters their just a waste of time..

Wayv seniors (Redvelvet,Exo,shinee and more) are shocked by the news too

I hope you support a new lovely couple!🀍