Walla Walla’s Strawberry Cow turns 100

Eastern Washington’s city of Walla Walla is famous for three things- onions, balloon festivals, and one thing that might surprise you- special cows. Farmers in Walla Walla have been making special milk from special cows since the 1800’s, using a blend of European and Native American practices to make milk never seen before. What are they doing, you might ask? They are making special types of milk – strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, and more- come from cows. By feeding the cows, only strawberries and a blend of herbs, farmers have figured out the secret to getting strawberry milk come out of cows! One of Walla Walla’s most famous cows is Bessie, the strawberry cow. Bessie turns one hundred today, showing another trick farmers have learned- how to make livestock have long lived. Bessie’s owner uses her special cow to advocate on the importance of milk.