Teenage Girl Reveals Mortifying Experience as Maryland Resident

Just last Sunday on March 28, what 17 year old Kyla Chamberlain thought would be a pleasant evening turned out to be one of most bittersweet moments of her life. She attended Morton’s Steakhouse to celebrate her sister’s birthday only to find hair in her food. She was shocked to see her meal charged at full price despite the kitchen error.

Though her spirits quickly rose when her knight in shining armor defended her until the price was dropped. When she needed money for tip, he almost gave her $20.

When asked about the situation at the hotel, “I mean; it was a really frustrating experience. The food was very expensive and not that good, but my boyfriend truly made my night. I now know there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me.” said Kyla while sipping on red wine.

While the end to this story was sweet, we have to call for action.

Why was this situation able to happen? Let’s hold Morton’s Steakhouse and Virginia accountable.