Quackity cancelled by Twitter for ‘Hating the USA’.

Mexican Gamer Quackity, known for being on the Dream SMP and hosting multiple raids, has now been cancelled by people who live in the United States of America. Some people have taken it to twitter and decided to cancel him because the rap he made was “offensive.”

On an Interview with Quackity, our News Reporter Jason Dylans, asked him a question, about why he made this song. Quackity’s simple response was, “I just wanted to make fans laugh. It feels like I’m walking on thin ice these days.”

The people of the USA are still upset about this, but Quackity said that this, ‘hopefully gets resolved.’ Quackity posted an apology on twitter reading along the lines of, “I’m sorry that I talked badly about the United States. You all take things to heart to quickly. solo Mexico, estamos en la cima. que se jodan los Estados Unidos.” which roughly translates to, “only mexico, it gets this joke. i’m so sorry to the United States.” According to our Translator, Jennifer Hua. Many people on Twitter misread the translation, and thought it meant, “Only mexico, we are at the top. Fuck the USA.”

The lyrics that were ‘offensive’ to some were :
“Iowa, they have a shitty license plate.”
“New mexico, we only needed one.”
“Virgina, how are you gonna name Virginia after your personal problems.”
“Massachusetts, bleugh.”
“Wisconson, euuaghh.”
“Wyoming, no one cares about these states, literally no one cares.”

Iowans said that they’re license plate was very attractive, and that Quackity needs to do his research before saying things like that.
New Mexicans said they agreed, but other states disagreed.
Virginians said that not all of them are Virgins.
Massachusettsans and Wisconsinites felt hurt about the sounds he made about them.
The USA was offended about the last one, even making former US president Donald J. Trump replied to it, upset.

Quackity feels very sorry for offending the USA. Let’s pray for Quackity.