Prices sky rocket at local RV dealers in Utah due to inflation and great demand.

The financial predictions were right, the government’s exuberant printing of money has already started to take affect in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah, where at a local RV stores, prices for the RV’s have gone up 43%. After an interview with the owner of one of the stores, we have found out that due to inflation he already planned to raise prices. He tells us that when COVID hit, his sales tripled, and that the lot was going faster than he could buy them. “People were pre ordering old RV’s, usually they didn’t need too, but this truly shows how much the demand for RV’s went up.” Zach Coleman, owner of gander RV said.

Since this, there has been a reaction in ludicrous spending by the general public of Utah, with people racking up unimaginable debts.
“I have a theory that debt will be worth nothing, and I have made many videos and courses about it. If you think about it, inflation will be so high, that debt will be worth nothing. Other financial theorists have said the same thing, I think that our theories might be true, and that everyone has finally caught on!” Says Michael Barsol, Finically Guru.