“Pakistan Under Religious Terrorism”

Pakistan under religious terrorism!

Terrorism has been started in the name of Islam in our country, people began to use “Peaceful Religion Islam” for their unfair purposes.It’s been such a dangerous condition of our country!
People run after clericals, whose main purpose is to abolish humanity and Islam, and spread hatred among people, so be awared frOm these barbaric people!
Islam is divided into different sects and sects are divided into different sects!
People frOm different religions, customs, cultures and sects fight! Humanity has been abolished!
Clericals are agents of abroad which are only sent for a purpose to destroy unity among muslims,
Muslims are taught terrorism by clericals,
There’s a lack of knowledge and literature, If anyone wants to make world peaceful, our country’s people start to curses and abuses on them!
Islam has been a source of making dreams true against Muslim world.
What Islam want to teach us and what we’re learning!
Now we peaceful minded people don’t want any religion, we just need humanity and faith on Allah.
Once upon a time When Islam was a source to spread humanity, but now same Islam is a source to spread hatred among muslims and other religous people.
Every man hates frOm other religion’s people and don’t want to attend their occasions, they kill eachother and then they see a dream of heaven!

Oh Allah! Make world peaceful and remove this hate from the world among muslims and other religions and spread humanity on earth.we don’t need to follow any religion! We’ve faith on you Allah and your lovers, Panjtan Pak and 14 masoom! But give sense to people to be human not a barbaric and non_sense animal! Aameen