Oli London Comes Back To Life

After Oli London was found dead after committing suicide, he tried to find Jimin in heaven, but he was unsuccessful because Jimin is still down on Earth. When he tried to be Jimin, he was able to but he still looked ugly because Jimin is ugly. So London decided to go to God and ask if he could go back in to the real world, but God said that was impossible and he was sorry he could not help. So then he jumped off a cloud and he was falling down and he almost made it but he hit the ground so hard he died again. So he ended up back in heaven. So then he decided to grab a parachute. Then he went down safely and was okay. Because London looked like a Karen, Jungkook came over and asked if it hurt when he fell from heaven because he just thought London was really pretty, unaware that he had actually fell from heaven and was in a lot of pain. But anyways, he kicked Jungkook and said, β€œI am man. You is ugly. I want jImIn OpPaR.” Then Jungkook ran away crying because he was embarrassed. Then Jimin came over and asked if Jungkook was okay because I think Jimin is nice or something because Oli London really likes him. Then Jungkook said that he was sad becasue of Oli London and Jungkook is sad because he is always single and can never get a date. So Jimin went up to Oli and even though he was in a lot of pain, Oli London gave Jimin a big hug and tried to kiss Jimin but Jimin spit on him and kicked him. Oli London was sad and he tried to chase Jimin home even though his legs were broken from the previous fall. So Jimin was comforting Jungkook as they were driving home, unaware that he was being chased by Oli who magically healed his legs and could run faster than Sonic so yeah that’s cool. Then when they got home Jin was eating bread and his cheeks were full of soft, fluffy, warm, Gold Medal bread. Buy your own today for $3.99. for kpop idols only. #notsponsered So Jin was eating bread when they got home, and then all the members ate too much bread so they were all sleeping on the floor. Then Jungkook went to bed because he was sad and tired becuase of their long dance practice before which was to their new album Crispy Crispy which was a collaboration with Lucy McChikn. Then Oli dug a hole under Jimin’s bed and he is still there to this day. SUBSCRIBE TO US ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ NOT I RICKROLL I SWEAR