New Parade: Fantasy of Magic

Someone on Rat Chat is saying that in 2022, Festival of Fantasy will be replaced with a new parade called Fantasy of Magic (title still being worked on). Here are some of the details:

It’s a day parade for Magic Kingdom to replace Festival of Fantasy, set to open less than a year from now for 2022. The working title is Fantasy of Magic. The theme is the fantasy that magic in Disney stories, and the floats all have special effects and magic going on. Float and unit rundown is;

Opening unit using Mickey’s and the Beanstalk as the float.
Toy Story unit with Bonnie toy room During the show stop, four bungee-jumping tinkertoy rise into the air to perform tricks.
Moana unit with water effects During the show stop, the “wave” part of the unit raises up and the fish perform an amazing Spanish Web routine.
Joe Gardner unit with a Soul effect
A huge Raya and the Last Dragon unit with the dragon and monkey performers The monkey climb atop the trampoline during the show stop to perform incredible acrobatics.
Luca unit, with sea monsters in the water
Mary Poppins unit
The Owl House unit with Luz Noceda and Hooty in a forest
Finale unit about all the good that Disney royal does