Man arrested for armed robbery, pressed with charges

Millsboro, Delaware- This morning a 43 year old man “Jacob Williams” from Ocean City is facing 12 charges after assaulting a person underage, stealing vehicle, owning possession of firearm on a gas station.

Around 2:32pm police arrived in gas station, the scene where a man had a firearm hand pointing at a female worker from gas station and at a 16 year old underage female. Police solved the case in safe manner way and were able to stop “Williams”. Officers were able to find stolen vehicle that had been reported. Victims had non life threatening injuries. Victim “DeLeon” said “I was terrified for my life and wasn’t thinking I was going to make it out alive, I’m glad I’m still here” and Victim “Berduo” did not say any words.

Police say “Williams” resisted arrest, and was arraigned in court and and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on a $5,800.00 bond. The investigation is on-going.