Louis Partridge text with fan leaked. confirmed dating an ordinary young girl.

teenagers have been obssessing with Millie Bobby Brown’s co- star Louis Partridge. Millie and Louis was in a film called Enola Holmes on netflix . some fans even assumed that millie bobby brown and louis partridge are dating because of how compatible they are with each other. a few months later, both actors confirmed that they are not dating.

Louis Partridge is a 17- Year old boy. he lives at wandsworth london with two sisters, Millie Partridge and Issie Partridge who both have instagrams including Louis Partridge. Louis Partridge is now filming a new serie called sex pistols that made his fans go wild.

but while filming a few conversation from one of his fans got leaked saying. “love me, love me” which fan assumed that it’s his girlfriend. it also have “the guacamole saga continues”. fans are confused if it’s his girlfriend or bestfriend, but according to the first text, they assumed he’s in a relationship. from the fans know, Louis Partridge is dating a girl who has an instagram with the username of lulu.start.

who is this girl. fans can’t determine who the girl is because the username is blurred by someone. this texts have been leaked all over social media including instagram, tiktok, twitter, facebook, and other social platforms.

days later, they found out who the girl is. the mistery girl have an instagram called “fem_reyes”. his fandom assumed that this girl is 14 years old from her pictures. guess they were right. Louis Partridge posted a speech on instagram confirming the relationship then deleting it a few minutes later. but fans are fast, they caught Louis’ confession.