Lost Painting found in Egyptian Tomb

Historians are shocked to discover what appears to be painting hidden inside a locked compartment. Infested with booby traps and trick wires, the compartment appeared to house numerous other valuable treasures, which were buried at the side of used-to-be Egyptian painter Amun Adom, who is widely known for his rise to power and fame, and even painted a secret portrait of Cleopatra, which was just recently discovered and has not been known by many people. Some historians and scientists have melded minds, and have created a theory tied to the pictures origin. They believe that the picture represents a yearning, and perhaps a twinge of jealousy, to share the same life as the people elsewhere. To experience the soft grasses, feel the dirt and mud sift through their hands. Such things were not possible in Egypt, and still aren’t, as it is a community of endless deserts.