Looks like Neal has their next head coach…

As we spoke about before, W.S. Neal has been looking for a head coach since the beginning of the year. Andro Williams, who has just completed his fourth year with the Blue Eagles, resigned earlier in 2021.
Neal has been in a carousel as of late interviewing and reaching out to multiple coaches. Weโ€™ve named dropped a few, but it seems thereโ€™s one that sticks out the most to W.S. Neal. That man is Justin Jones.
Justin Jones is rumored to have been offered the Blue Eagles Head Coaching position. He comes from Prattville where heโ€™s been an assistant for a few years. In 2009, he led Cordova to a 5-6 season, but made the 4A state playoffs.
Will Jones accept? Or will the Blue Eagles still be in the search? Stay tuned.