[Just In] Rixia Departs from aNymph

Rixia (Real name: Rixia Lou Jung Torres) has officially left aNymph.
In an official statement, G2 Records announced that the group leader and main vocalist decided to terminate her contract with the label. She decided to leave the group as well due to the backlash she got involved in three months ago.
G2 Records then stated that aNymph will be promoted as five members (Dani, Issa, Lena, Carly, and Naomi) and asked the fans (Hiraya) to support their future activities.
*insert official statement here*
aNymph’s last release was their first studio album “In Between” and its title track “Night Sky”.
Rixia faced a controversy that started a month after its release when a forum spread rumors about her bullying her fellow members.
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