IZ*ONE are reportedly having an extension after fans made an agreement with CJE&M

The girl group IZONE, which has placed first in the charts, has recently been granted a contract extension.

Following this, fans from Korea and even outside Korea have launched a petition or plan to encourage each member’s agencies to do an extension. They were finally successful. Woolim, WM, Urban Works, Vernalossom, and finally Yuehua, Starship, and 8D Entertainment came to an agreement with the fans.

“After noticing what the fans have been doing, we finally had a meeting a few days ago, and the agencies of each member have decided on the extension that the fans have been asking for.” β€” CJE&M Entertainment, “We had a talk about this already, I know this is too sudden, but we may have seemed to consent to it after thinking about it for a while,” MNET said in a statement. That’s what the CJE&M and MNET said in a statement, that they had a meeting to discuss the contract extension and what the fans have been up to these past few days.