How do I contact Charli D’Amelio?

TikTok Sensation, Charli D’Amelio is a social media celebrity, actress, and influencer living in Connecticut, United States. You can contact Charli D’Amelio’s house address, phone number, email, and other addresses. She responds to phone calls, text messages, emails, postal fan mails, and other social media messages.

D’Amelio initially started posting on TikTok in May 2019 with a lip-matching-up video close by her friend. Her first video to acquire a foothold, a next to each other video (referred to on the stage as a “two-part harmony”) with client “Move With Joy”, was posted in July 2019. Since that point, her substance has principally comprised of recordings moving to move melodies on the platform.

In October 2019, she acquired further openness for her recordings playing out a dance called the “Maverick” to the K Camp tune “Lottery” and was thusly credited with advocating the dance via web-based media, while additionally being dishonestly credited with making the dance, and was alluded to as the “President of Renegade” by TikTok users.

Following a New York Times profile of artist Jalaiah Harmon uncovering her as the first maker of the dance, D’Amelio got an online reaction for not attributing Harmon, which incited D’Amelio to start consistently crediting the individuals who made the moves she performs.

She joined the cooperative TikTok content house, The Hype House, in November 2019, close by her sister, Dixie.