Gentleman’s Club to Open at Six Corners

In a surprise turn of events, Albany Park’s Admiral Theater has purchased Milwaukee Avenue’s Portage Theatre and plans have already been approved by city council, the local alderman, residents and surrounding businesses to turn the former Art Deco building into an upscale gentleman’s club that will cater to locals and hopes to bring in many from the surrounding neighborhoods and even the suburbs as well.

Many area residents were shocked that this has already been approved without any public notice or neighborhood meetings, but a surprisingly majority of area residents were overwhelmingly in favor of this controversial plan from the beginning.

Local residents interviewed that were in favor, like Brian Downes said “Finally, a family place I can bring my son to!” Another nearby resident Jaime Guerrero said “I heard the chicken wings are excellent!” Jeff Linnemeyer was overheard saying “Ever since the pandemic, my wife has been encouraging me to find an excuse to get out of the house, well be careful what you wish for!”

Even more shocking, this is the first new business that the former alderman and the present alderman both fully support!

The club owners says they will work with all the local residents and will even offer free samples the first two weeks so everyone can get a chance to experience their events and meet all the employees.

The Admiral owners say their most important clients are all the local fools who believe this story…April Fools!