Family of 3 Involved in ‘Horrific’ Car Crash that injured 3 of the passengers.

Unfortunately in the late afternoon in Orange County, Southern California 2 passengers were severely injured from a car crash. A 13 year old is now in a coma. A family from San Francisco’s fun trip turned into a ‘horrific’ nightmare. The family is fine but unfortunately the kid is in a coma for predicted 2 months. The parents are both injured as well, one with a couple broken bones and the other with a concussion. Robert Taylor the driver of the vehicle said it was all going well with ending their vacation until this car was speeding behind them and crashed into the behind.

There are a couple of witnesses that were on the freeway that said they were so scared because the car that crashed into the family was swerving and almost hit them as well. FBI gathered witnesses statements saying that the car was normal in the beginning but then all of a sudden gas started bursting out and the car’s speed quickened.

The driver unfortunately was killed so the FBI and police departments were not quite sure what accrued and why. The driver was not identifiable because a small explosion that happened afterwards.

That was all the information that the FBI could release today at this point. They are still gathering and trying to uncover what happened with this vehicle and why that driver did that.