Falcons trade Matt Ryan and 2021 first round pick for Dak Prescott

In an unexpected move by Falcons owner Arthur Blank, the Falcons have traded Matt Ryan and their 2021 first round draft pick for Dak Prescott. Matt Ryan, at 35 years old, is a skilled player at the quarterback position, but is certainly on the ending stretch of his career. The Falcons seem to have gambled on losing their current veteran QB for a younger one with more years ahead of him. Let’s not forget the first round draft pick that was also traded to the Dallas Cowboys. Not only is Dallas now equipped with a top-league starter and veteran in Ryan, but they get another high round draft pick to up their defense. This may be the unpopular opinion here on in the media, but this move has increased Dallas’s chances exponentially. It remains to be seen whether getting an injury-recovering Prescott was a good gamble. The Falcons play the Cowboys this NFL season, so the two quarterbacks will have a chance to face off against their former teams and prove who got the better deal.