Election Results To Be Reviewed

The smallest state in the union, has some pretty big news! Today, Rhode Island Federal Court Judge Mary S. McElroy, a Trump appointee, has come through for him in a big way!

One of the final cases on the 2020 Election to be heard, Rhode Island claims to have damaging evidence that implicated tampering with the results. Richard B. Myrus, United States Attorney for the 14th District said, “It was important to us as one of the first states, let alone one of the original thirteen colonies, of our great nation, to get this right. Our forefathers created the constitution so that we could family and duly elect our officials. It wasn’t so that someone could steal our election.”

McElroy has ruled that the 2020 election results are a direct violation of Rhode Islander’s Constitutional Rights, specifically the 28th amendment, or “Snowflake Rights”. Seriously how dumb are you?