Dispatch confirms Lizkook dating !

On 31, March , 2021 Dispatch left all the kpopers in surprise by revealing the dating of two of the most popular musical artists in the world ! Yes lizkook is real And Bighit Entertainment themselves confirmed it And now fans have been waiting for a statement from YG Entertainment too.

When and Why Was Lizkook first shipped ?

In 2016 , blackpink And BTS along with many other kpop groups attended an award show . There Jungkook was caught smiling cutely at Lisa when she was thanking her fans for the award . This was when fans started shipping them and names the ship LIZKOOK ( Lisa + Jungkook ) . Again in 2018 , both were caught having several cute eye contactsb of 0.0001 second , and Jungkook even smiled and got shy after the eye contact . This made fans even more suspicious of the two idols . Once again in 2019 both the maknaes were seen standing pretty close to each other and even made several cute eye contacts . This made fans ship them like crazy . Lizkook was also nominated for Nicklodean awards for the category of best ship \ couples . Jungkook also was caught several times in various award shows , chilling and singing along blackpink songs especially Lisa’s lines . Other than the award shows theory , Lizkook fans also noticed Jungkook’s tatoo which was very similar to Lisa’s eyes , this made them believe even more in Lizkook but their fans were often termed as ‘Delulu’ for shipping two idols which never interacted by some other armys And blinks but this didn’t stop them , they still believed and had hopes for their ship to turn out to be real and finally the best day of Lizkookers arrived when Dispatch revealed the two maknaes dating each other .

Lizkook is getting a lot of support from their fans but also very much hate from some solo stans of Jungkook or Lisa . Let’s just hope that these cute couple would be together in love forever and win all support of their fans very soon !