Alicia keys dies at 40 in Chicago shooting

Alicia keys (40) dies in a cross fire in Chicago Illinois while leaving a subway station photo shoot. This tragic accident was caught on camera by many witnesses in the station. The shooting occurred just hours after two rival gangs from parkway gardens begun a string of shootouts in the surrounding areas. Sheriff Dart says “ This shooting was apart of a string of shootings between two gangs from south Chicago. Our officers are working to find the suspects. Two males about 5 feet 8 inches tall and three males one 6 feet tall and the other two about 5 feet 9 inches” This shooting is one of four murders that have occurred in the State street subway station in the past 2 months. Local Authorities released a statement at 6:30 noting that the suspects were reportedly named D’Anthony Briggs, Kingston little, and Terr’Cari Winston . Please Call the Sheriff’s office if you have any more information.