15-year-old boy allegedly tries to commit suicide

This action took place in the afternoon today on April 4rth, 2021.
The boys name was Chris Garcia, He allegedly tried to overdose on drugs. Chris was found by the bench in 88th street. And was taken to the hospital immediately. the doctors say chris is in critical condition for now and might not have a chance of making it.
According to the boys mother: “He told me he was going to meet up with some friends in the mall. I tried to call him but he wasn’t responding so i called his friends and they told me they don’t know where he was at, that’s when i knew something was wrong. He never came off as that way to me, He is such a wonderful, loving, caring and happy kid. But actions today showed me something different, something i never expected from him. Please to everyone who’s watching this or reading this pray for my boy i bet you”