Who will win? iFerg or Dr. Disrepect?

There was an issue regarding two youtubers which are iFerg and Dr. Disrespect. iFerg challenged Dr. Disrespect to a 1v1 with a cash prize as he continue to belittle COD Mobile players and brag about his $200,000 gaming equipment. Although, Dr. Disrespect didn’t reply nor deny or accept the challenge so some people are saying that he is scared of iFerg. He didn’t make any statements and ignored comments about the 1v1 with iFerg. Finally, they have decided to do this match on April 1, 2021 at 4 pm. Stay tuned because they will film a live stream while doing this. Who will win? iFerg who has his money and reputation on the line or Dr. Disrespect who has his reputation on the line?