#StopTheStigma – Normalize picking your nose!

For generations, picking your nose has been frowned upon by the public. But why? Some may counter that it is unhealthy, disturbing, and outright gross. Although it maybe, picking your nose is human nature. We all got to do it. On a survey that asked 100 Americans nation wide if they pick their noses, 98% of them said yes, with 1% saying maybe and another 1% saying they do not. Out of that 98%, 55% of them stated they pick their noses one time a day or less, while another 30 percent answered two or five times a day, and a whooping 15 percent answered that they pick their nose 5+ times a day. So, if we all do it, why is it considered a disgrace? The statistics show that a abundant majority of people do pick their noses, and we can probably assume the 1% who said no, was an outlier, either a misclick or lied. Now, as a nose picking studier – I have seen kids in schools, parents out in public, etc. get shamed for committing these acts. It is time to stop. Stop the stigma. Pick your nose! Go out with some buddies and pick your noses or even better, pick each others nose. I am here to raise awareness about the topic and I hope this article makes you think about being a part of the solution and not the problem, while stopping this stigma.