Has Jimin ever dated anybody?

Yes, Jimin has in fact dated two men by the names Tony and Usher. Tony who has dated Jimin since 2014 sadly had to end the hard relationship, Jimin moved on completely with no hesitation. In 2020 Jimin met Usher during the Grammy Awards show, a fan leaked Jimin and Usher going outside together to have a talk. After the event BTS posted a video on their YouTube channel BANGTANTV, the boys were talking about the celebrities they saw at the event, the boys mentioned a certain someone in the video and they mentioned Usher which made Jimin feel some type of way. Later, Jimin was secretly seen with a guy sneaking into a house with the unrecognized male, a fan leaked a photo but deleted it and never posted it again. The fan’s caption was “I can’t believe I’m near Jimin!”. She randomly add a tag tagged ‘#Usher’ and many ARMYs got confused and eventually knew what was going on.