Ewa Needs To Allow Sophia To Come To Her House

Recently, a study has been recorded saying that if Jada cannot have Sophia come over to her house, she will die. Scientists claim that “If Sophia doesn’t show up, Jada might be abducted by aliens, mysteriously have her ears chopped off, refuse to make her mother coffee ever again, have all of her toes simultaneously fall off, or even worse.

Multiple influencers have many things to say about this situation.

Jeffree Star, famous makeup artist, states, “Jada is my reason for living. If she’s not here, my multi-billion dollar companies will have no one to look over them. This is unacceptable.”

Tony Lopez, Tik Tok famous pedophile, states, “Jada is 14 years old. She is just my type. If she’s gone, I will fall into a depression, and my 10 to 12-year-old fans will have no pedophiles to look up to anymore. That is my role in this society. Ewa, please allow Sophia to come over.”

Kim Taehyung (V), amazing and perfect and dreamy and flawless and absolutely superior literal god of a K-pop idol, states, “I don’t care if she dies. She’s ugly.”

Christopher Bang (Bang Chan), the best man period, states in an extremely adorable Australian accent, “I don’t know her but I love her because I am an absolute angel.”

Beyonce, the queen, states, “Jada is the best thing ever. And if you do not allow Sophia to come over, leading to Jada’s death, me and my hive will destroy you, Ewa. So keep that in mind.” She ends her statement with an iconic hair flip.

In conclusion, the world will inevitably end if Jada doesn’t not see Sophia. Therefore, it is mandatory that Ewa says yes to Jada’s simple request that could affect the world in an extremely positive light. Thank you and goodnight Los Angeles.

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