Discord user, HyoJam debutes as Discord singer

As of 3:27 pm, February 20, Discord user HyoJam has debuted as a Discord Idol. The user has not yet released as statement explaining the cause, and the reasoning, but all just a small laugh. We interviewed the user, and this is how the conversation went down. ‘What is the reason for your debut?’ “Oh, I had really wanted to debut as either an American singer or Asian, but because I’m still doing studies, I decided to make it easier, and debut in a smaller community.” ‘How did you debut?’ “It was simple really, I joined a group that’s quite popular here in Suwon, and went through a course that consisted of singing, rapping, and just regular conversating.” ‘Do you think you’ll be quite popular with your debut?’ “I don’t really know, but I would hope to gain a fanbase. Hwaiting!” ‘Good luck on your future, and Hwaiting!’

Further notice, and we have learned more about the user. They are from Suwon South Korea, they are African mixed, they are 160 cm, and they are enjoy listening to famous K-pop girl group, TWICE.
Good luck on your debut, and tune in for more news later.

(megan johnson)