Chaos At The Park

A young man by the name Aleksandar Dimcevski, who is soon turning 21 years old on October 10th 2021, was driving to the park right before Valentine’s Day . When Aleksandar reached at the park and police say that is where thing took a twist. The man was seen watching and even more disturbingly taking pictures at the children. The parents started to get a little suspicious of the creepily man and did not know what to do. Then as the young man gets out of his 2021 For Explorer XLT, the parents saw something strange in his hand. They thought it was a weapon? Turns out they were right. Police say that he was carrying a Glock-19 pistol. Then as he steps out of the car every parents worst nightmare came true. The man started to fire onto innocent kids, while their parents was grabbing them and taking them into safety. Once Aleksandar ran out of bullets he was then seen leaving the scene and drove off. Police are on search for this man here in the photo above and is said to be highly dangerous and not to be approached too. If you ever seen this man dial 911 immediately. The suspect was last noticed near Oxford Michigan and have not been seen anywhere else. We believe that Aleks lives in Oxford. Thank you!