The TikTok star “Dixie Damelio” is killed yestrday at 03:45 AM. She was in her and noah home, and that night avani gregg was with her. Then someone is knoked at the door..that was a biggest criminal in the America..They was watched a film, and dont hear that, than criminal knoked hard..and they was hear. They was scary and won’t open the door. Avani called Antony…And antony was coming..thee dixie’s phone started ringing, that was unknow number…she open the call and hear “hi dixie…im in you’re’re with avani and watched film..hmm i see you’re watching…a none? Im in kichen come, and end the call..then they come to kichen and…see the criminal..they started running..and hear a car..that was more criminals…they kidnaped dixie damelio and avani gregg..and tomorrow that was they was killed by criminals. Criminals are cantch and now they was in jail..