Samsung Apologies over new digital wellbeing issue

Written by Joseline Norman 10:08 AM (Updated 1:21 PM)

Samsung has recently been critizised after recieving complaints that their digital wellbeing app has no accuracy. Chris – an army marine , says that after using his brand new S20 given to him as a gift. He was confused to see that his screentime was over 8 hours : despite the fact that he had only used the phone for 20 minutes or so. ‘I opened my phone and found tiktok to be the biggest sector,well exceeding 5 hours. I was kind of baffled at the beginning but i just downloaded a screentime app and everything just fixed itself accordingly.

Samsung has finally given a statement after this claim,’ After investigating further into the issue we were able to determine that there is a bug with our digital wellbeing scheme.Our team is scheduled to fix it over the coming weeks but due to increase in covid cases ,we are running low on people.Rest assured we hope to fix this as soon as we have the chance.

Thursday, 7th January 2021