Paddy Power Betfair Malta To Close Its Doors.

The well-known gaming company PPB will be closing its doors for good following some breached codes of conducts and court cases in the island’s courts. This is following some breaches of the GDPR laws and regulation. Shops in the UK, Ireland and Italy could shut next summer, along with its UK-based European distribution centre, the company said.

Paddy Power Betfair would not disclose the number of UK stores it has, nor the size of its workforce.The company reported a Β£740m loss in the three months to May. “As we conduct the review, we will look at transferring elements of the business to interested third parties as part of a proposed partnership model expansion,” said Mark Breitbard, head of Paddy Power brand global. A Betfair spokesperson added it was also looking at “alternative ways to operate the European e-commerce business.” The spokesperson declined to give a breakdown of the number of stores and employees PPB has by country.