New Pope Can’t Get Rid of Old Pope Smell, “The Smell Was There Before I Started Poping!” Old Pope Claims

Although one could expect there would be a monstrosity of new responsibilities upon accepting a new position such as the Head of the Catholic Church, but one thing the newly elected Pope Francis never expected was taking care of what has been dubbed the “Old Pope Smell”. Upon taking office in 2013, the new pope has caught notice, or wind, of a distinct smell of “Pope” lurking around drains, bathrooms, and kitchens around the Vatican. The smell has also been identified by other Vatican staff and numerous claims have surfaced that vividly describe the smell to be “as if someone just started ‘Poping’ all over the place.”

Accusations have been made by Pope Francis against the former Pope Benedict saying:

“It has been making this place unlivable for the past 7 years. How could someone leave it smelling like Pope everywhere like other people aren’t coming in after him? He didn’t want to purchase a diffuser or something? It was unspeakably immature of him to do this and if I catch him “Poping” anywhere else, as surely as the Lord lives, I will slap him in the hands.”

Pope Benedict quickly responded to our Vatican correspondents claiming:

“Did it ever occur to anyone that someone else ‘Poped’ before I was elected office? No. Yet, truly I say to you the smell was there before I had started ‘Poping.’ I was the first Pope to resign in almost 600 years because I couldn’t live with that ‘Pope’ stench either! It smells like old ‘Pope’ in almost every corner.