‘Morgz’ Dies In Car Crash

Morgan Hudson, also known as ‘Morgz’, a famous YouTuber with over 11 million subscribers, has died in a car accident. The young influencer was driving to his vacation house, when a diesel truck broke down and toppled over, knocking Morgan’s car over the cliff road. By the time 911 arrived, the young man was bleeding heavily, and had been knocked unconscious. Once they had reached the hospital, he passed away due to heavy hemorrhagic shock caused by the impact of the truck. His mother, Jill Hudson, was waiting for her son to arrive in the vacation house when she was struck by the shocking news. We visited her for an interview regarding her future plans for her son’s YouTube channel. “This is the most shocking thing I have ever heard. We have to discuss our funeral plans for him, so we will not have enough time to upload any videos.” said his mother. His father, Martin Hudson, stated that they are currently discussing whether or not they will have Morgan’s channel deleted or not. “We would like to keep memories of him, but watching those videos are too painful for us.” Stated Martin.