Kim Taehyung of BTS confirmed that he’s getting married with Ehra Francheska Bautista

Ehra Francheska & Kim Taehyung confirmed that they’re getting married!

According to dispatch, they saw the two dating in seoul last February after Ehra Francheska’s birthday party, and they reportedly began dating since 2017! Dispatch also saw that Ehra Francheska have a ring on her ring finger! Taehyung said in one of the interviews that he proposed to Ehra Francheska exactly on his birthday, February 1, 2020.

Some fans said that they saw Ehra and Taehyung in the mall last week, Ehra also added some photo’s of Taehyung on her story on instagram then immediately delete those…

Dispatch also reported that Ehra Francheska flew out of the country before the LY : Speak Yourself Tour in Seoul. after the concert Ehra reportedly met with Taehyung after the concert to eat together at their favorite restaurant in Seoul.