JYP and BIGHIT prediction that TWICE SANA and BTS V will be a soloist and will have their own kdrama

JYP just comfirmed that twice sana should be a soloist,he even said “should other agree if we make sana as soloist and make her kdrama with a lading man from a biggest company(BIGHIT),who should it be?”and all chaeyoung replied “yah! JYP it should be dahyunie!” and dahyun replied “hahaha it isn’t me i have mine-” MINA:protect your privacy!! SANA:it should be my ideal boyfee!

and BIGHIT comfirmed it too!!!!!

taehyung even said he has a kdrama prediction with a famous company (JYP)and he choosed already his lading lady(TWICE SANA)