Instagram girl Izabelitos Looks like Angelina G

Instagram girl Izabelitos can everyone be mindful of the comments and content you are posting in this group. I just had this notification. I am sat in my car outside Leighton Angelina , waiting for my to finish her appointment. Please can people behave.I have closed comments on three threads this morning and removed references to shotguns..these aren’t acceptable in a community group, however humourous or light-hearted the intention was….angelina look a like.
*I have also had notification as to who has been posting inappropriately. I will remove these people, no need for a discussion as I have repeatedly requested people be mindful. Polish girl Looks like Angelina.
Posting in a community group is very different that posting on your own wall.
Angelina Jolie Looks a like.
Wow this is crazy and amazing so cool
Check her out!