HoodieGangGrizz Found After 4 Weeks Of Searching

Aspiring rapper, Landon Grissom, or better known by his fans as “HoodieGangGrizz”, went missing 4 weeks ago, and hadn’t left any clues as to where he may have been. Fans first noticed his absence when he hadn’t posted anything on his social media. Like any devoted fan would, many decided to investigate. Shortly after, “#wheresmyhoodie” began trending on Twitter as fans demanded answers. Twitter user @bustygorilla said “He’s probably working on an album.” Another Twitter user @jayz suggested he was taking a break from social media. His mother later released a statement saying that Landon had actually gone missing, and wouldn’t answer his phone.
3 search teams were formed to help find him. Landon was eventually found roaming the side of the highway, in nothing but a pair of whitie tighties, and, sunglasses from Walmart that still had the tag on it. The search team surrounded a confused and scared Landon. After being taken to the hospital, and undergoing an investigation, police discovered Landon had been roofied by a man he met online claiming to be a producer. He kept Landon all 4 weeks, constantly giving him roofies to keep him subdued. Landon eventually escaped by sneaking a roofie into his aggressors drink. Landon is now back home, and has released his new EP, “Nothing Was The Same.”