Recently, a letter’d been sent to the Supreme Court, had astonished everyone. Mostly from the gaming alley of India. As some may know, after PUBG Mobile got banned, the population found another battle royale game to stick to; Free Fire. A game launched by Garena, a Singaporean company. But the government was stunned at what the letter read;

“To the Supreme Court, I present,
Free Fire, A game launched by the Singaporean company Garena, was in tie-up with a Chinese company all this time. The company’s name is undisclosed, but a check ran by me proves that people who had attached information such as e-mails and bank details, are released to the Chinese public. Many unknown deposits from my own bank have been reported when I purchased the elite pass. My requests to look over the matter.
From; a concerned citizen.”

According to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the game will be ordered to be banned by March, 2021. And will have to refund all money spent on so due to a lawsuit.

Look out Free Fire players!