Hello this is ShowBT Entertainment,

We’d like to inform everyone, especially Re-U that U-Nite won’t be renewing their contract to ShowBT Entertainment. We’d taken this into many many talks and meetings regarding everything that is in need and need to be fixed and everything that we can’t fixed anymore.

The decision of the contract ending is made by the Members, Staffs, Managers, and The CEO of the Company. We want to inform you that we’ve been talking about it for a year to be prepared with the changes to be encountered if the artists won’t be renewing their contract.

The 5 members, Gian, Rise, Cedric, Luck, Pure has decided to agree with contract signing in other agencies outside the ShowBT Entertainment. While Teo, decided to go back to his house in USA to prepare in making a YouTube Channel. In other hand, Kurt is still in consideration for picking in so many agency offers.

We would like to say sorry and thank you for everyone who supported U-Nite’s beautiful journey from the start. We would like to say sorry for the inconveniences.

The last schedule of U-Nite is later at Night Night Awards at 6PM PST!

ShowBT Entertainment would try our best to be better in the future and stay input with the fans and supporters.

Thank you for reading. Re-U

-ShowBT Entertainment