Cleveland’s power couple just signed a life changing contract

A hot new couple,new label,new force to be on the look out for!!! Frank Litty Nittie and Artinka Teaira!! They’re actually in a relationship and to be married this year Nov 20.They both are artist under their very own record label GhuEntertainment.Nittie is the Chairman/CEO and rapper and Artinka Teaira is the lyricist,meaning she sings bt also rap like it’s her first passion.Claiming the titles of #Favcouple on Facebook and being called the new Papoose and Remy Ma on Instagram.Also having they’re own podcast “GottaHaveIt Podcast” /GhuRadio.This couple is doing all together and we’re here for it! New upcoming projects this year from them both..You can also check them out on tiktok and YouTube.Artinka Teaira’s mixtape “QUEEN KONG” drops Feb12 & Frank Litty Nittie’s “Bag chasing Blvd VOL1 “ drops 3-13.Make sure you be on the look out for this new power couple we all keep hearing about!! Both born and raised in Cleveland Ohio.They just dropped a song called “Unstoppable” ,a single off of Artinka’s mixtape “Queen Kong” and what we’re hearing is “ IT’S DEFINITELY A BANGER”.They slogan is “GhuEntertainment!!! NO WE CAN’T EXPLAIN IT!!!!!