Alright, CHRISTIAN PAUL BOLO is viral again. I’m gonna put this here for some of my Facebook friends:

You castigate a young BOY for having a sex scandal, but you’re a regular consumer of DIY porn material (Alter-Twitter content perhaps), or worse, enjoys premium porn content without paying.

Stop the moral hypocrisy, please.

Aghast, these people are acting so high and mighty I can smell their sins oozing from their breath! Take note of your sins, too, please.

It is true that she made a miscalculated decision and recorded a sex video. But there are graver sins/mistakes than that. Let’s say: theft, murder, and fraud. Why are we not condemning other sins with the same outrage?

To be clear, I’m not saying she did the right thing. I’m telling you shouldn’t be rubbing your moral entitlement to her wounds. Because, seriously speaking, this holier-than-thou attitude of yours is misplaced.

Now, what triggered me, even more, is this: Some of my DDS Facebook friends are morally petrified by a sex video, but supports/defends government-sponsored extrajudicial killings? Really now. Is there a problem with your moral compass?