2 Jehovahs Witnesses Arrested in Miami Florida

Mark Curoosso and Carlos Visal Arrested for making a telephone call to “Laura Gazel”.
She says on Fox News:
“They tried to force me to read a scripture! When I rejected, they immediately read it to me like they wanted to do it to hack me! They tried to sell me a a copy of a magazine! This is very dangerous, these people are very dangerous. What if they were trying to hack my account?! What if they were trying to get my personal information?!
And how the **** did they get my number?!!!!”
Kim Límalo, seems to be a supporter to this woman.
“ I get it. I dealt with the same situation!! Before Covid started I had multiple Jehovah’s witnesses knock on my door! And I had a call twice from a Jehovah’s Witness during quarantine.

Barbara Loagan sentencing 3 years in prison for this crime.