Oli London Dies

Today Oli London died. He was found dead in his London mansion at 5:21 PM GMT by a friend who wishes not to be named. A suicide note was found near his body. It read,
“For I will never look like Jimin,
I have decided I can no longer take this any more.
In heaven I can be Jimin! Yay I can be my Oppar and date him at the same time.
Bye everyone, when you’re feeling sad, just think to yourself, Oli Eh Oh.”
There was a heart shape drawn at the end of the note.
His ex-girlfriend, Frenchy Morgan, had this to say about the star’s death:
“It is just very sad. I suppose I was wrong about him only wanting clout. Maybe he just said that to me to mask the fact that he was very, very clinically obsessed. I miss Oli.”
This has been OliEhOh999 reporting for Channel 34 News.